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We are students...

In many religions, we, humans are children of gods'.  We are here to learn and master how to live well and happily.  We have missions; such as we each one of us to contribute whatever we can contribute to this world.  It doesn't have to be "saving the world" or stopping the wars.  

It could be your kind words, beautiful smiles or generosity to the others.  It is not always about money or materials, isn't it?  Even though we tend to depend on anything we can see with our two eyes.  However, kindness, smiles,  generosity and of course, love are that we can feel with our third eye.  If you pay attention to something invisible for our physical eyes, you would start seeing many precious elements in this world!  

Open your third eye and have your awareness!


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This moving picture was shot by the site owner at Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. 

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