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Site owner, Mitsu EMIG

The site owner, Mitsu Emig is a mother of four children living in New York City.  Two of her children used to be her sister's ones and adopted after their mother's death.  Mitsu is a therapist, healer, and a life coach.  In precise, she is a Master of Social Work, a Clinical Social Worker, and also a trained psychotherapist.  Now she has a private practice as a certified hypnotherapist in New York City and also practicing a life coaching too.  Her missions is whatever the ways, it doesn't matter, in books, in therapy or in life coaching, she is dedicated into working people's wellness and in particular, living happily. 

Mitsu is a proud healer, and hoping to do more of good in this world.   She has helped people who were challenged mentally physically up to today with using amazing subconscious mind powers.  Whatever the challenges physically or mentally, there is always a room for the mind power to work on those.  The potential and outcome were truly amazing in the sense.  Otherwise, there is no explanation why terminally ills could feel better in the therapy with using subconscious mind. 

Witnessed amazing healings in her practice for years, Mitsu wants to share her spiritual experiences in her life while she is aware of using subconscious power based on science.  Mitsu shared her spiritual experiences in her book of "Rules of success-How to live happily", so please get shared her journey and experiences from her book as well. 




Here, Mitsu's mission is to share her knowledge of subconscious state's amazing power through "Active Meditations"  and Life Coaching.  Mitsu is offering on-line "Active Meditation" sessions and also life coaching sessions to set your mind set straight to raise your vibration in order to manifest your dreams.  It is never too late for you to shine, or make your dream come true, or looking youthful and attractive in any age, or being successful in many ways in your life.  We got 90 years to live. Please decide your ability or potential too early!  

If you want to know about on-line "Active  Meditation" sessions, please click below.  

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