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Prayers make your mind-sets.  Repeatedly say words and wish them to come true.  Sounds something familiar in these days?  Yes, it is the Laws of Attraction.  Say to yourself how grateful you are everyday for everything you received.  That is the way you keep what you already received and also the way to receive even more in the future!

Instead, if you are feared to lose what you already received, those are to be your prayers and of course, mind-set too.  Whatever you have in your mind all the time, they will come true for you regardless of positive or negative.  Again, you keep whatever in your mind, they will manifest soon! Because those you have right now are the manifestations performed by you in the past.  

Set your record straight today and make positive affirmation and set your mind-set peaceful and healthy in order to keep your vibration high, those are the ways to keep positive manifestations coming to you!


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