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Guided meditation sessions

All guided meditation sessions are currently taken place on-line, contact our staff for more information

Many of us meditate and some of us are very good.  Would you want to try "Active Meditation"?  Or are you struggling that you can't focus in your own meditation? You are not alone.  We can make the meditation time happy and effective.  Meditation shouldn't be boring, should it? This "Active Meditation" session is supposed by me and would work on releasing negative emotions/energy out of you and take positive energy into you.  It is more effective if you are looking for your true inner peace.  

Offering 45 minute Zoom guided meditation session(group) at 9am Saturdays for $22!

Link will be sent to you when you sign up and make a payment!


Why is guided "Active Meditation" different?

When you meditate alone, is there any distraction?  Or simply don't know what to do?  In this "Active Meditation" session, you would be completely guided.  This guided meditation sessions are sign up and drop in.  You may be alone in the session or share the virtual space, which is Zoom with someone.  

What do you need for the guided meditation sessions?

You need a space to be alone and focus on yourself.  I recommend there is no intruder in the middle of session but understand that life happens.  Sitting or lay position are welcome in the session. You would be induced to your own subconscious state, which is a natural state of yours but very powerful.  Only relaxation will be needed and everyone can have a great meditation with his/her abilities. 


Why is the "Active Meditation" so powerful?

We live in our conscious, which is a natural and usual state of ours.  Simply saying, most of our awaken state.  We can say that we are always in our conscious state.  The punch line is that you are not at your best of ability when you are in your conscious mind.  There are kinds of brain waves and meditation leads your brain activity to Theta as we know; very calm this is subconscious mind and it is a powerful state.  Because in this subconscious mind, your brain waves go into Gamma State, which is the most active state that you can have.  How powerful this subconscious state is; our brain operating speed will be 1,000,000 times faster than conscious state and we will be able to use our brain up to 95% even though we are using our brain around 5% in our conscious state. 

My "Active Meditation" is to lead you to this Gamma Wave State so in spiritually, people say that you are most close to your own "Higher Self".  Calmness would bring you benefits too, however high frequency such as Gamma is very special for Laws of Attraction too, of course. 

Meditation leads you to this powerful state of subconscious state, that is why so many successful people meditate and become creative and believe in themselves.  The effects are clear. The subconscious state is our final frontier and surprisingly it is inside us unused until you start using in this amazing meditation!

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