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As a healer in spiritual journey...

Realized that nothing is coincidence in life...  So many occurrences led me here today in New York City from a small town in Japan.  Some of the occurrences let me be a healer and helping people.  Some of the occurrences let me become a mother of four.... Life has full of unexpected and nothing is coincidental. 


Activities on this site; blog updating and others, such as on-line meditation sessions.


Prayers is not particularly religious however spiritual. 


Offers on-line supported meditation sessions.  Please contact at!

Mindfulness cares and mindful with everyday life.  What kind of mindset that you have!  Let us know!

Inner peace

Inner peace is leading you directly to your happiness! How to get it, please tune in!


Personal growth for yourself and this world!

Personal growth would make you happy and also brighten up this world!  

Change your energy to change the world! 

That is how things would work! 


Donation is now accepted !

Site Opening Hours

This website opens for 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

On-line guided meditation sessions are to be announced soon!

Thanks for submitting!

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